Our Team Based in Rome


A German Jesuit, Fr Hans Zollner, SJ, is president of the CCP, head of the Institute of Psychology (PUG), and Academic Vice Rector of the Gregorian. Fr Zollner serves as a member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors and as a consultor of the Congregation for Clergy. He has a doctoral degree in theology, is a psychologist and licensed psychotherapist, and is particularly interested in human formation in the training of seminarians and religious worldwide.

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Professor Karlijn Demasure is the Executive Director of the CCP. Originally from Belgium, her teaching experiences have taken her to diverse corners of the globe, from Canada to Congo. In addition to overseeing the Centre’s courses, programmes, and activities, she is a Full Professor at the Gregorian. She has done extensive research in practical theology on topics relating to safeguarding minors and has experience in pastoral care for survivors of clerical sexual abuse.

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Katharina Anna Fuchs, a native German, works in the field of research and development at the CCP. As an associate professor of the Institute of Psychology of the Gregorian University, she is also co-responsible for the teaching and formation courses offered by the CCP. She studied at the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, Germany, and the Gregorian University, and holds a Ph.D. in Psychology. Furthermore, she assists the Academic Vice Rector in scientific issues.

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A native of Rome, Italy, Alessandra Campo is the CCP’s Network Coordinator. She received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from La Sapienza University (Rome), and studied at the Humboldt and the Freie Universität of Berlin. After having collaborated in research and didactics at La Sapienza’s Faculty of Philosophy, she gained expertise in the field of training for third sector organizations, public relations, and cultural events management.


Carolina García Rizo, from Spain, is the CCP Executive Secretary. After obtaining a Bachelor degree in Spain and Germany, she completed a Master in International Relations at the International University of Andalusia and did posgraduate studies at the College of Europe (Natolin campus, Poland). She has extensive experience in European affairs having worked for different public and private institutions based in Brussels (Belgium). She recently completed a Masters in Pastoral Care in the context of Migration and Human Mobility.


Sr. Karolin Kuhn, a German School Sister of Notre Dame, contributes her pedagogical knowledge to the further development of the various educational programs offered by the CCP. She is a social worker, theologian, and educator with a doctoral degree in theology. Before coming to Rome, she served as the principal of a Catholic girls’ high school in Germany. She is especially interested in competence-oriented models of teaching and learning that aim at the holistic growth of the entire person – something that is particularly important for future safeguarding professionals.

The Research Team

AmaroCáceres 1

Sr Yesica Amaro Cáceres, CDP


Boehk 2

Sara Boehk


Gogilashvili 1

Fr Edvard Gogilashvili


Hoedoafia 2

Sr Rejoice Hoedoafia, SOLT


Kiriyanthan 1

Fr Jo Paul Kiriyanthan


Lembo 1

Sr Mary Lembo, CSC


Melukunnel 2

Fr Jose Cyriac Melukunnel, SVD


Pawloski 3

Rebecca Pawloski


Rinaldi 1

Angela Rinaldi

Public Ethics


Sr Anna Mary Thumma, SMB