What do we do? Our Activities

The Centre for Child Protection (CCP) is part of the Institute of Psychology, which belongs to the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy. The overall objective of the CCP is the academic and professional promotion of safeguarding through education, formation programmes, conferences, communication, and research.

At the CCP safeguarding is understood as the theoretical reflection and practical measures taken to promote the welfare of children, adolescents and all who need special protection from harm.

The following guiding principles are at the basis of all the work and courses at the CCP:

  1. Victims first
    We base our reflection, commitment, and actions on listening to victims and survivors and learning from them.
  2. Christian view of the human person
    We value every human being as created in God’s image and act correspondingly.
  3. Spirituality
    We envisage safeguarding as a spiritual matter that directs us in our theological reflection and a faith-based response.
  4. Cultural sensitivity
    We honour the variety of cultures, engage in a critical dialogue and facilitate the culturally sound adaptation and implementation of safeguarding measures.
  5. Multidisciplinarity
    We look at safeguarding simultaneously from the perspective of various disciplines such as psychology, sociology, canon and civil law, theology, etc.