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  1. Mark Joseph Williams
    28 March 2020 @ 13:07

    At this unprecedented time, it is critical for mental health professionals to be available to those who are quarantined via phone, text, email, Zoom. Talking out the loneliness which is no doubt greater for many right now is crucial for stronger coping. With respect to addiction, as someone in recovery as well as a clinician, it is paramount for addicted persons to attend virtual 12 step meetings and keep in constant contact with a sponsor. Isolating will only fuel the demons to pick up again, to drink or use a substance / illicit drug. Finally, those who have been abused (victims / survivors) of any kind of violation, sexual, physical, emotional are even more vulnerable now psychologically…they need the connection to people who are trained to listen, offer coaching, support to lift spirits and lessen fears.


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