Human Formation Programme for Ecclesial Celibates


The programme meets the need for formation sessions that consider the foundations of a sound, happy and fruitful celibate life.

Target Group

This is a programme with a style and language geared towards persons in initial and ongoing formation who are committed to living out celibacy in a Church context.


The programme consists of a syllabus, outline, and materials enabling a facilitator to host workshop sessions that last between 3 hours and a day.


The programme and materials are available by  download through a  [payment/donation/subscription] on our site.

Human Formation

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Structure of the human formation programme
with regard to psycho-affective/psycho-sexual maturity

  1. Culture and sexuality
    • Sexuality in my culture and in the bible
    • Sexual education in my culture
  2. My body
    • My relation to my body 
    • What my body tells about me
  3. My role(s) and identity
    • My identification with the church/my religious community
    • My role as a priest
    • My role as a religious
  4. Dealing with my desires and emotions
    • Discovering the dark side within us 
    • Praying my desire(s) 
    • The anger psalm
  5. My sexual development and identity
    • How I learned about sexuality 
    • The development of my sexual self 
    • My sexual orientation 
  6. Sexual issues
    • Guided imagery meditation on sexual conflicts 
    • Pornography – the scope of the problem
    • Looking at my issues with regard to pornography 
    • Masturbation
  7. My relationships and my relational development
    • My sexual-relational history 
    • My current relationships 
  8. Power and authority
    • My own issues with authority
    • Authority and service
  9. My vocation to a chaste celibate life
    • Various vocations in the church
    • My motivations for a celibate lifestyle