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  1. Ornella
    16 October 2019 @ 14:06

    Daily or weekly prayers, both in the Mass and outside, are vital for the healing of victims and survivors of sexual abuse and other abuse by clergy and religious and for our families healing and for the Church’s healing too – this article begins to touch, eventually, on a long overdue crying out vital plea for prayers for us victims and survivors and our healing, and is a prophetic longtime survivors’ plea, begging for the dire need for such prayers. Prayers are powerful especially when prayed in mass and in Mass. However, once again, the Church, in this article now, basically tragically still totally and hurtfully ignores, and unjustly leaves totally unacknowledged, the equal tragic truth and reality of the suffering, pain and thus equally horrific traumas of adult victims and survivors of sexual abuse and other abuse by clergy and religious – we adult victims and survivors are, once again, just seemingly uncaringly, care-lessly and cruelly left out, care-lessly side-lined by the Church, its structures, bodies and institutions and many of its clerics and laity. Extremely sad. Or the Catholic Church and its institutions and bodies admit to the full horrific scope of the sexual abuse crisis, i.e. that its victims are not only minors but adults too (women and men, lay and religious) or they will appear to tragically continue to enable and cover up the abuse of adults by the Church Institution and by many of its clergy and religious, such cover up is an equally grave crime. Such predominantly enduring silence by the Catholic Church and its various Institutions and bodies make them thus complicit in the abuse of adults in the Church by their turning a seemingly willing blind eye to the equally grave crimes of the sexual abuse of adults by some clergy and religious. Jesus Christ was 33 years of age, so the Bible tells us, when He was abused, unjustly suffered gross trauma and was crucified by the Church hierarchy and clerical leaders and laity of His day. We are all God’s children, no matter our age, and we all, whether minors or adults, deserve to be prayed for and to have our dignity and our bodies, minds, hearts and souls protected in the Church by its shepherds and by all. All victims and survivors beg and yearn for healing prayers for us, all victims and survivors of abuse by clergy and religious suffer equally traumatically no matter the age when the trauma happened, whether as a minor or as an adult, trauma is trauma and it is excruciatingly deep suffering and pain. I am deeply happy that finally the Church is beginning to seem to wake up to the vital need to pray often, daily, weekly for victims and survivors of abuse by clergy and religious and by others – but I am deeply hurt that this article shows, once again, that victims and survivors of abuse by clergy and religious who have suffered it as adults, who have equally suffered such horrific traumas, are totally forgotten about, seemingly heartlessly neglected by the Catholic Church and its various bodies and institutions. Its tragic.