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Why the Centre for Child Protection?

At the Centre for Child Protection, we are deeply aware of the harm that has been done to the most vulnerable — children, adolescents, and adults — by sexual abuse and other types of violence. Victims and survivors have taught us a lot about their suffering, human and spiritual struggles, resilience and hope. Their journeys towards justice, healing, and reconciliation have informed and inspired our own understanding and our faith.

We at the Centre and those we work with in the field of keeping minors safe are committed to raise awareness, prevention, and provide formation (face-to-face, on-site, e-learning). To do this in the best way possible, we are in contact with victims and survivors from all over the world, keeping in mind their personal stories.

In all of our work and endeavours, we strive to put victims and survivors first, an approach which involves contributing to

  • increasing sensitivity in the Church and in society at large,
  • enabling safe discourse about the risk of abuse,
  • competence in therapeutic and pastoral care,
  • the spiritual and psychological empowerment of those who have been or could be harmed,
  • the creation of a global network of knowledge and best practices in safeguarding.
Our Purpose

Our Mission

To safeguard children and vulnerable persons by promoting prevention measures against sexual abuse and other forms of abuse by raising awareness and by increasing knowledge of the importance of such efforts in order to create a healthy environment.

Our Vision

A world where minors and vulnerable persons are safer — within the Church and the wider society.