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At the turn of the millennium, the crisis of sexual abuse changed the societal landscape, first disclosed in the western and English-speaking world and found to be problematic everywhere. A growing awareness of its epic proportions – from the recognition in the 1970s of the prevalence and lasting harm of incest to the uncovering of sexual abuse by clergy to the #metoo movement’s spotlight on abuse in various sectors – has called attention to the suffering of victims. Although sexual abuse is not exclusively an internal matter of the Church, this book limits its scope to the abuse that happened to children and young people within context of the Catholic Church. The Church has to respond to the many questions raised by this terrible reality; its leaders and all faithful have to put victims first and proactively engage in safeguarding minors in the present and the future. This is the first publication in the CCP’s book series.


Pape François

Discours lors de la rencontre avec victimes d’abus sexuels, Philadelphie, USA (27 septembre 2015)
Motu Proprio Comme une mère aimante (4 juin 2016)
Letter to the Bishops of Chile following the Report of Archbishop Scicluna (8 avril 2018)
Letter to the People of God in Chile (31 mai 2018)
Lettre au Peuple de Dieu (20 août 2018)
Letter to the Bishops of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (1 janvier 2019)
Rencontre «La protection des mineurs dans l’Église»: Introduction (21 février 2019)
Rencontre «La protection des mineurs dans l’Église»: Intervention (22 février 2019)
Rencontre «La protection des mineurs dans l’Église»: Discours au terme de la Concélébration eucharistique (24 février 2019)
Lettre apostolique en forme de Motu Proprio «Vos estis lux mundi» (9 mai 2019)
Instruction On the Confidentiality of Legal Proceedings (17 décembre 2019)

Pape Benoît XVI

Lettre pastorale aux catholiques d’Irlande (19 mars 2010)

Pape Jean Paul II

Apostolic Letter Issued Motu Proprio Sacramentorum Sanctitatis Tutela (30 août 2001)