AmaroCáceres 1

Sr. Yesica Amaro Cáceres, CDP

Institute of Psychology

El Área relacional en la formación humana al sacerdocio: indicaciones para la protección al menor. El ejemplo de los seminarios de América Latina

Hoedoafia 2

Sr. Rejoice Hoedoafia, SOLT

Institute of Psychology

Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse of Minors in Ghana: Impact on the Well-Being of Survivors and Indications for Intervention

Kiriyanthan 1

Fr. Jo Paul Kiriyanthan

Institute of Psychology

Self-esteem, Human Formation and Safeguarding of Minors: An Empirical Research Exploring the Present Situations in Indian Seminaries

Lembo 1

Sr. Mary Lembo, CSC

Institute of Psychology

Relations pastorales saines et matures: Maturité affective et sexuelle pour une collaboration entre prêtres et consacrées, témoignage pour le Règne de Dieu

Melukunnel 2

Fr. Jose Cyriac Melukunnel, SVD

Institute of Psychology

The experience of previous intrafamilial physical and sexual abuse among the (ex)-members of “pandilla” (street gangs) in Managua and indications for prevention based on the field data


Sr. Anna Mary Thumma, SMB

Institute of Psychology

Human formation in the training to priesthood with specific attention to psychosexual integration and human maturity