Unser Team In Rom


Prof. Dr. Hans Zollner, SJ

P. Hans Zollner SJ, deutscher Jesuit, ist Präsident des Centre for Child Protection. Darüber hinaus ist er Mitglied der Päpstlichen Kommission für den Schutz von Minderjährigen sowie Berater an Kongregation für den Klerus. Pater Zollner ist promovierter Theologe sowie lizenzierter Psychologe und Psychotherapeut. Sein besonderes Interesse gilt der menschlichen Bildung im Rahmen der Ausbildung von Seminaristen und Ordensangehörigen weltweit. 



P. Stefano Bittasi, SJ

An Italian Jesuit, Fr. Bittasi is the executive secretary of the CCP. He has a doctoral degree in biblical theology, and studies and develops methods for the use of the biblical narratives in social sciences (mostly in the area of conflict resolution, and community leadership). He has also worked  in the field of seminarian formation and ongoing formation for Jesuits and clergy, combining a specific knowledge of the Bible with a deep love for Ignatian spirituality (exercises and spiritual accompaniment).


Sr. Karolin Kuhn

Sr. Karolin Kuhn, a German School Sister of Notre Dame, contributes her pedagogical knowledge to the further development of the various educational programs offered by the CCP. She is a social worker, theologian, and educator with a doctoral degree in theology. Before coming to Rome, she served as the principal of a Catholic girls’ high school in Germany. She is especially interested in competence-oriented models of teaching and learning that aim at the holistic growth of the entire person – something that is particularly important for future safeguarding professionals.


Dr. Alessandra Campo

Alessandra Campo, gebürtige Römerin, ist die Netzwerkkordinatorin des CCP. Ihre Studien absolvierte sie an der Universität “La Sapienza” in Rom sowie an der Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Mit ihrem Doktorat in Philosophie hat sie sich an der “La Sapienza” zum Dr. phil. (Ph.D.) promoviert, wo sie aufgrund ihrer Mitarbeit in Forschung und Didaktik an der Philosophischen Fakultät, Expertise in den Bereichen Schulungen für Organisationen des Dritten Sektors, öffentliche Beziehungen sowie in der Organisation kultureller Veranstaltungen erwerben konnte.

Rinaldi 1

Angela Rinaldi

Angela Rinaldi, a native of Rome (Italy), is the CCP’s online learning admin. She holds a doctoral degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Pontifical Gregorian University, with a concentration in the social doctrine of the Church and public ethics. She completed her master’s degree in development and international cooperation sciences at La Sapienza University (Rome) and her licentiate in public ethics at the Gregorian.


Annalisa Pisu

A native of Oristano in Sardinia (Italy), Annalisa Pisu is the CCP’s Secretary. She studied Foreign Languages and Librarianship at La Sapienza University (Rome). She’s been working at the Gregorian University since 2000 and joins the CCP after almost 15 years of work in the Secretary of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Institute of Spirituality.

Carolina Garcia Rizo

Carolina García Rizo

Nach Abschluss ihres Bachelorstudiums in Spanisch und Germanistik, absolvierte sie einen Master in Internationalen Beziehungen an der Internationalen Universität Andalusiens sowie weitere Studien am Natolin Campus (Polen) des College of Europe. Frau García Rizo verfügt über umfangreiche Erfahrung in Europäsischen Beziehungen und für verschiedene öffentliche und private Einrichtungen in Brüssel gearbeitet. Kürzlich hat sie einen Master in Seelsorge im Kontext von Migration und menschliche Mobilität beendet.


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Rebecca Pawloski

Rebecca Pawloski is native to the United States and has worked on a variety of projects for the CCP, especially video productions. She has an STL from the Pontifical Lateran University, a diploma in safeguarding from the CCP (’16) and a background in communications.

M.Allen finished

Meghan Allen

Meghan Allen, a native of Illinois, works in the CCP’s communications and P.R. development. She completed her bachelor’s degrees in political science and international studies at Loyola University Chicago and continued her studies in ecclesiastical Latin at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Currently, she is working toward completing a License in Social Institutional Communications at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.


Sara Boehk

Sara Boehk comes from Baltimore, Maryland (USA), and has worked for the CCP since 2016. She is the website admin and copyedits many of the CCP’s English texts. She has an STL in ecclesiology from the Pontifical Lateran University (Rome).