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Our Team

Our expert staff — with years of experience in pastoral care, psychology, theology, communications, and work in the field — is based in Rome and provides leadership, engages in research and networking, and develops the online educational resources.

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Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board meets twice a year and gives valuable input into our education resources and learning strategies. The board is culturally and vocationally diverse, providing expertise on different aspects of the interdisciplinary topics of the CCP.

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Our Alumni

CCP Alumni are a worldwide network of Safeguarders helping each other sustain the effort and responsibility which being involved in this field requires.

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The CCP is continuously building its network of partners and seeks to create a feedback loop between work at the centre and experience in the field.

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Our Supporters

Our work depends on the generosity of our donors. There are several ways to become involved at the Centre for Child Protection.

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